L&L® Stainless Steel Water Tank

L&L® Stainless Steel Tank is made using steel AISI 204 (8% of nickel) using a double protective layer finishing system and dual tank design to produce high quality and beauty are perfect for storage of clean water and oil.

Double Protective Layer

Using anti-rust system (with a food grade coating without mercury and zinc) to prevent corrosion on the bottom of the tank and connections so that the water remains clean.

Dual Finishing Design

Incorporation of matte satin finish on the top and bottom of the tank and supreme shine polishing on the tank body produce more vibrant colors, minimixes fingerprints, smudges, and scratches on all parts of the tank.

Self Cleaning System

Drain and clean the tank at one time by open the outlet hole.


Quad Bone Structure

Strengthen and maintain the durability of the structure of the tank on the water pressure.

Easy Secure Lock

Equipped with a key hook that easily opened/ closed.

Easy Installation

Easy installation of the tank is equipped with a standard outlet.

Circular Bottom

Customized design

Perfect Size Manhole

Hole with the perfect size to help the maintenance tank.

AISI SS 304: 8% Nickel

Made from food grade, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and anti-moss.