Romania® Roofing Tiles

Proud Product of Brunei Darussalam

Romania® Roofing Tiles is create from technological advance in design and manufacturing. With its pure lines and stream lined curve with rich colour range, Romania® covers modern homes as well as contemporary estate. Made of certified OPC Cement Class 62.5N supplied by Brunei Cement Sdn Bhd to ensure high durability against weather and weight higher than conventional clay tiles.

Design and Features


424MM x 337MM x 55MM
Net coverage
363 x 304
9 pcs/m2
Water Porosity
< 10%
20º - 90º
Transverse Breaking Force
> 1800N
Minimum Pitch
17 degree

Depending on the roof shape and distance between
battens (batten 32 - 34cm)



Romania® Roofing Tiles has a large range of colours available and 2 different glazed finishing options are also available to all the range of colours.

Matte Finish

A matte glazed process is used to add color to the surface of a clay tile. Once matte glazed, the cement is kiln-fired. the firing temperature, the atmosphere and the pigments affect the final color and solar reflectance. The color is permanent and does not fade over time.

Gloss Finish

A full gloss finishing provide a longer lasting beauty, resistant to mildew, algae, fading, chalking, peeling and mold prevention for the roof surfaces. It can also save you energy due to the 90% thermal emissivity and 91% solar reflectance, therefore cutting down your electricity bills.